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People & Pets - The Lifewood's Journal

15th April, 2005. 5:41 pm. Update(pudibund)

Things have been put on hold as I have moved house. I have however been tinkering and seriously hope to have the new front end uploaded in the first week or so of May.

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7th February, 2005. 4:31 pm. The winners...(pudibund)

The winners of the draw were chosen by the following (very) scientific method:

A list of those who entered was printed off.
The list was stuck on a cardboard box.
The box was placed at the other end of my living room.
I then threw darts at the box.

The first two darts missed the list...
(the first dart actually missed the box!!!)

The next hit bzarcher!

The next missed...
(Hey! I'm out of practice, plus it's about 15 feet away)

The final dart hit tiggsybabes!

So many congratulations to both bzarcher and tiggsybabes!

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27th January, 2005. 5:55 pm. Web Update(pudibund)

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12th January, 2005. 11:22 am. Web Updates(pudibund)

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8th January, 2005. 8:23 am. Website Update(pudibund)

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5th January, 2005. 9:12 pm. Welcome(pudibund)

Welcome to the lifewood community. For more information, see the lifewood.org website.

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